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Electronics Recycling in Colorado Springs:

  • Best Buy : They  will take tvs up to 30 inches, computer monitors, keyboards, towers, laptops, hard drives for free. Just take them into the store and they will take them from you.
  • Blue Star Recycling :    100 Talamine Court Colorado Springs, CO   80907         719-597-6119   They take electronics, florescent bulbs and batteries for a   nominal fee.
  • Kosgove Metal: 431 W Colorado Ave. Colorado Springs, CO  80905    719-636-3559  Kosgove will buy scrap metals (copper, aluminum, brass, precious metals and heavy metals).
  • To recycle rechargable batteries and cell phones go to for drop off sites in Colorado Springs.

Reporting Fraud and Complaints:

Medical Care Resources:

Online Suppliers of Archival Materials:

  • Conservation Resources International:
  • Gaylord:
  • Metal Edge Inc.:
  • University Products, Inc.:

National Charities:

  • Goodwill:
  • Salvation Army : To schedule pick-up call 1-800 958-7825
  • The ARC: