Living Simply Organized : Senior Move Managers

Living Simply Organized is a company dedicated to helping clients move forward  in an efficient, calm and organized  manner to the next phase of life. Whether moving to another home or just making your current home more comfortable, we can help you achieve your organization goals.

We can  help you organize your home to make it a comfortable, relaxing place to live. If it is time to move, we can work together  to prepare your home for the optimal opportunity for a quicker sale.

Please call 719-622-6552 for a free phone consultation.

NEWS TO USE:     St. Francis Medical Center is hosting a community based workshop called STEPPING ON! Tuesdays starting April 4. Focus on older adults who are at risk for falling, have a fear of falling or who have fallen. Call 719-571-8000

We provide help to seniors needing to rearrange their current homes for more comfortable living, downsizing  for moves into smaller homes, or moving to  independent/ assisted living facilities.